Charity web designers in Salisbury

Today's digital world presents charities with a golden opportunity to enhance their online footprint and improve communication to existing stakeholders, as well as reach out to new individuals.

Signalong, a charity committed to the empowerment of children and adults with impaired communication, is proud to now have a modern, content-managed, mobile-friendly website.

Created by Webbed Feet, award winning web designers in Salisbury, the Signalong website now provides the perfect platform for promoting the important work Signalong does in improving the lives of those with impaired communication. Not only is the design of the website fit for the modern web user, it is also mobile-friendly. This means the design of the website automatically adapts to the dimensions of the screen being used to view it, ensuring the site displays seamlessly between desktops, tablets and Smartphones.

Behind the scenes the website is powered by Webbed Feet's CMS – a fast, powerful and secure system that allows Signalong to edit the content of the website so to provide the latest up-to-date information for those browsing the site looking for news and information.

If you're looking for charity web design, or are an organisation or individual in need of mobile-friendly website design, contact Webbed Feet today.

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