Signalong For Learners

Signalong externally accredits Signalong for Learner’s courses which are mapped to the Speech Language and Communication Needs Framework (SLCF). The Framework sets out the key skills and knowledge needed to support speech language and communication development and ensures that the content is “fit for the purpose” and content is relevant using appropriate methods of assessment.

Courses available:

Elementary course at Pre-Entry level

Beginners One at Entry level 1 / Beginners Two at Entry level 2

Peer Learning at Entry level 3

Introductory at Level 1 / Intermediate at Level 2

The levels relate to the learning achievement and are set out in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Level 1 is defined as below GCSE level, or the equivalent of a D-G grade GCSE. Learners who have not yet attained Level 1 are described as working at Entry level (either 1, 2 or 3, 1 being the first step). Learners who are not yet working at Entry 1 are described as working at Pre-Entry level and are often people who have additional needs such as learning difficulties and learning disabilities. Historically, Pre-Entry level courses were excluded from the NQF. However, the Foundation Learning Tier, implemented in 2010/11, include Pre-Entry level achievement within new Entry levels.

Entry fee £18 per candidate, includes a handbook and certificates.