Charitable Activities

Mission Statement of Signalong The Communication Charity

SIGNALONG is committed to empowering children and adults with impaired communication to understand and express their needs, choices and desires by providing vocabulary for life and learning.

Our Aims

  • Greater fulfilment of potential
  • Greater independence
  • Reduction in behaviour of concern
  • Improvement in self-esteem
  • Improved relationships

Signalong The Communication Charity strives to achieve this by

  • Developing and promoting augmentative communication (manual signs, symbols, picture resources)
  • Researching and publishing sign vocabulary
  • Developing appropriate language resources for children with special needs
  • Providing resources to assist literacy and education
  • Teaching communication techniques to anyone living or working with people with impaired communication
  • Working with other organisations and individuals in this field
  • Freely offering advice to parents and professionals