Signalong Tutors

All of our Tutors are registered and attend regular seminars to maintain their skills and keep up to date with developments at Signalong.

For details of Tutors in your area please click here. Don't worry if you don't find someone local to you - most of our Tutors are happy for enquiries to be passed on through the Signalong Centre. Contact to ask for help.

For further information about Signalong Training or to discuss particular training needs, please call on 0330 1200770.

Tutor Training

Anyone with experience of sign-supported communication in a learning difficulty or autism environment is welcome to become a Signalong Tutor.

About our Tutor Training course

  • List of Tutors in your area Please note that this information is only for use to find Signalong training and is NOT to be used for marketing or soliciting purposes.