Signalong Anthem

The Anthem, which reflects the Charity Mission Statement, has been developed in partnership with Accessible Arts & Media. AAM is an award-winning, York-based charity that champions and celebrates the skills and talents of young people and adults with disabilities.

The melody is catchy and easy to pick up - but take care when learning it; there are some tricky bits. In the chorus: ‘it’s my Signalong’ there is a big interval jump from ‘my’ to ‘Signalong’. To gain confidence in singing big intervals, include them into your warm-ups to get the hang of them. The sign for ‘Signalong’ is a quick sign- there is only time for one circle of the open hands.

The track is quite fast, so we would advise slowing it down through Speed Shifter while you are learning it, and build up the speed slowly. (See the Singing and Signing Guide for more information about Speedshifter).

Please download and share the Anthem, which includes a sheet music, a backing vocal in mp3 format in your place of work and we would love to receive videos of the anthem being performed (subject to consent). Please fill in the consent form to have your videos on our website.




Singing & Signing Resource Pack

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Anthem Poster

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