One of the pre-requisites for communication is having something to communicate about, i.e. concepts. The Foundations series aims to provide sign vocabulary for activities designed to facilitate concept formation and pre-language skills. Titles include “Learning Through Exploring & Creating” and “Learning Through the Senses”.

Play & Early Learning

Play & Early Learning is a series of low-cost small-format (A5) handbooks and CD resources, most with one sign per page.

Signalong National Curriculum

Signalong National Curriculum series is a collection of literacy, numeracy, science and P.S.E. manuals. The Milestone Academy manual has a broad curriculum vocabulary applicable to educational settings.

Topic Vocabulary

The Topic Vocabulary series are not age-specific, but the charity has also developed a very wide range of resources for adult age groups, including Self-Advocacy, Health Matters and Signalong At Work.

Signalong for Sports looks at developing the language used in leisure centres. It is intended to open up sport and leisure to people whose language difficulties exclude them from many aspects of normal life.


Transition and Working with Adults uses age appropriate vocabulary to talk about social and sexual awareness in the Self-Advocacy series. It also tackles bullying, feelings and personal budget spending.

Signalong at Work

Signalong at Work provides an introduction to the workplace in hotel and catering, retail and animal husbandry.


Signalong have a wide range of colourful, A3 posters each containing up to 12 words. These make lovely displays and are ideal for encouraging the use of signing.

We also offer a commissioning service where you can produce your own posters or manuals.


Copyright in Signalong publications is held by Signalong The Communication Charity.  

No Copying, Scanning, Reproducing or PHOTOGRAPHING is permitted of any publication without the express prior permission of the publisher in writing or by email. This includes the use of website and social media sites. Wider circulation is by prior express permission by letter or email only. Should you wish to reproduce signs within your establishment, we do offer a licence service.

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Sign Licenses - Print & share signs within your establishment.

Sign Studio App - Our new App has been developed to allow you to take a picture of an object and view the sign.

Online Sign Library - Access our database of over 9,000 signs.

Text-A-Sign - Unlimited signs sent direct to your mobile.

Free Resources - Download 'Freebie Friday', 'Ruby's Adventures' and our very own 'Signalong Anthem'.

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