Signalong for parents

It's not just about talking. It isn't easy to see and recognise what happens beneath the surface of children's communication.

Being able to listen, pay attention, play and understand are the fundamental building blocks of communication. Adults play a crucial role in supporting these skills. If a child can't listen and understand, they'll struggle to talk.

Signalong is based on British Sign Language, using unaltered BSL signs wherever possible. The difference between Signalong and other sign-supported communication systems, apart from our much wider range of signs, is the way that they are presented. When the sign has been selected, a description is worked out. This follows a consistent method of handshape, orientation, placement and movement.

Signalong is flexible and adaptable to suit your child by using key-word signing at their level and recording person specific signs in a way that they can be easily understood.

We can provide training to you, your child’s educational establishment, after school clubs and respite providers to ensure that your child can always communicate effectively.

My daughter has Down’s Syndrome - she has both severe learning and communication difficulties. We knew when she was a small baby she would have difficulties with speech and language as this is well researched. When she was around 15 months old we were offered a place on a Signalong course by our local Speech and Language Department. I was a bit unsure at first as I had never done anything like this and had never met anybody who had signed. The course lasted six weeks and was basic vocabulary. Once finished, I got stuck in straight away and was practising signs every day - simple things like animals and food signs. After about three months, I started to get disheartened as she did not pick any signs up and was almost ready to give up, thinking it was not working. I did not realise at the time the significance of the learning delay and expected immediate results. Then we had a eureka moment. We were shopping in a local store - I was signing foods as we were going round and at the till she signed clearly chocolate. I was so happy and then she did it a couple of times. 

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SIGNALONG is committed to empowering children and adults with impaired communication to understand and express their needs, choices and desires by providing vocabulary for life and learning.

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Training For Everyone

Training can be tailored to the needs of any organisation and is useful to introduce communication skills to new staff and family members.

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The precise Signalong method of presentation enables users to remind themselves of signs which have been forgotten and to learn new signs from the manuals.

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