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Unlike British Sign Language training or that provided by some other organisations, Signalong training focuses on developing communication skills rather than teaching blocks of signs, many of which will be quickly forgotten through lack of use. The precise Signalong method of presentation enables users to remind themselves of signs which have been forgotten and to learn new signs from the manuals. Training programmes are thus able to stress aspects of the application of sign-supported communication. These include: aspects of total communication, such as facial expression, body language and voice tone; plus simplification of language and keyword selection; reading signs performed by others.

The Signalong Group is a member of the Laser Learning Awards (LLA) providing training programmes which are externally moderated and carry transferable credits.

Training Courses in Sign-supported Communication

Workshops: This training can be tailored to the needs of any organisation and is useful to introduce communication skills to new staff and family members. The emphasis is on the practical application of signing. Introductory courses can be full or ½-day in duration.

½ Day Workshop: They are frequently topic based, depending on the needs of the group. We cover a brief history, philosophy and methodology of Signalong before teaching approximately 50 key words, but you will learn the necessary skills to read and produce any sign in our range of over 70 manuals. We will also provide activities to put the vocabulary into context i.e. sentence practice, plays etc.

8 Hour Introductory:  This course goes a little deeper and includes generalisation, symbolic understanding and key word activities.

Foundation: The Foundation Course develops skills to a level where practitioners can apply signing in their own environment and includes some elements of communication theory. It is a 15-hour course normally delivered over an extended period, and is the basic building block of Signalong training.This is our most popular course and is, usually delivered over a 10 week period. It covers the whole of the vocabulary in the chosen Signalong manual (frequently Phase 1 approx. 360 words).

LLA Elementary Signing Skills:Beginners 1Beginners 2Peer Learning

10-hour courses for service users carrying a nationally-recognised certificate of achievement in communication (1 credit at Pre-entry and Entry levels). The Peer Learning course is for people with additional learning needs who would like to teach their peers to sign.

LLA Introductory Level 1: A 10-hour introductory qualification for staff providing a grounding in the skills needed for sign-supported communication (1 credit at Level 1).

LLA Intermediate (Level 2 Upgrade): A 20-hour course for holders of the level 1 certificate to gain the level 2 qualification.LLA Intermediate (Level 2): This 30-hour course (24 hours taught, 6 private study) develops the themes of the Foundation course and carries 3 credits at LLA level 2.

Tutor Training Programme:  Signalong training is delivered by Registered or Registered Foundation Tutors. The Tutor Training Course is a comprehensive 4/5 day programme for people who have experience of signing in the context of learning difficulties, autism or the particular field in which they need to use augmentative communication. During the course Signalong methodology is explored, elements of language development are discussed and participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of teaching techniques and theory by preparing and delivering several presentations. Trainees are given constant feedback and are actively encouraged to question all aspects of the course content. Trainees are continually assessed over 4/5 consecutive days and are required to complete a Training Manual and participate in an individual discussion. Tutors will be awarded either Registered or Registered Foundation status.


Don't worry if you don't find someone local to you - most of our Tutors are happy for enquiries to be passed on through the Signalong Centre. Contact to ask for help.

For further information about Signalong Training or to discuss particular training needs please call on 01634 727087.

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The charity provides regular development and refresher seminars to keep Tutors' skills fresh and to maintain quality control. Tutor Training Courses are held at the Signalong Centre in Kent and in other locations several times each year.

Registered & Registered Foundation Tutors

Please ensure your training is delivered by one of our Registered Tutors on the list below. If you are Tutor and are not on the list, please contact the office.

Ayo Akinnola

Siobian Edginton

Hannah Knopp

Rebecca Sarker

Abby Oyenekan

Andrew Edwards

Julie Lack

Alison Saville

Karen Allan

Denise Edwards

Lindsay Lambert

Silvia Mihaela Scarlat

Tina Allen

Linda Edwards

Wendy Laurent

Catriona Scott

Cathy Andrews

Non Elias

Jennifer Law

Jo Scruton

Ann Armstrong-Marshall

Kizzie Elliot

Caroline Lee

Tina Seed

Maryam Asghar

Mary Elton

Donna Leitch

Emma Shaw

Nicky Ashdown

Gill Emerson

Alison Lemmey

Kieron Sheehy

Sarah Ashford

Karen Essam

Lorrain Lewin

Sharon Shields

Katherine Baines

Clare Eubank

Beth Loveday

Angela Sidaway

Ellen Baird

Amanda Evans

Fiona Lowsley

Kirsty Simmonds

Sally Bannocks

Jennifer Evans

Andrew Maher

Charlotte Sireshuk

Sylvia Baranyai

Kay Evans

Jennie Markham

Jaci Smith

Eve Barrett

Mark Evans

Karen Marshall

Sue Smith

Iris Barrett

Hannah Facey

Ursula Martinez-Sinistera

Suzanne Smith-Main

Zoe Barrett

Gail Fahed

Samantha Maxwell

Sarah Smithson

June Battye

Liz Farooq

Zoe McArthur

Tracy Snellgrove

Julie Baxter

Laura Farrance

Carol McCluskey

Shirley Solomon

Liz Beattie

Cara Few

Enid McCracken

Natalie Spiller

Susie Beaumount

Sophie Fletcher

Bev McCue

Sarah Spiro

Sara Beckett

Erica Ford

Paige McDonnell

Ruth Sproson

Nicky Beddows

Deborah Foster

Kirsty McLaughlan

Iona Stephens

Karen Beechan

Susie Fox

Charlotte McLaughlin

Rob Stephens

Jacqueline Beer

Zoe Fox

Louise McMillan

Kristianne Stewart

Gwen Bell

Andrea Friend

Ann Miles

Aly Stimson

Marie Bennington

Julia Frith

Jayshri Mistry

Claire Stoodley

Sandra Bessant

June Gardner

Jade Mohseni

Sue Stridgen

Alice Bevan

Reshma George

Julie Montagner

Michelle Sturman

Fiona Black

Nazya Ghalib

Martina Montague

Linda Styles

Louise Blackley

Collette Gibbons

Soraya Monzon

Anne Sugden

Anthea Blake

Shirley Gilpin

Reece Morgan

Louise Tabone

Lea Blundell

Sally Goadby

Stephanie Morris

Leona Talsma

Nicola Boggust

Tracy Goode

Michelle Morrisey

Philippa Tarran

Michael Bond

Michelle Gorrod

Carla Mottram

Jonathan Tate

Jamie Bonewell

Pam Gough

Carly Mullen

Alicia Taylor

Gemma Bradshaw

Vicky Gould

Hilary Munro

Sarah Taylor

Karen Brereton

Louise Graham

Susie Murphy

Charmine Tearle

Patricia Broughton

Tracey Grant

Melanie Napper

Sammy Tebano

Cheryl Brown

Julie Gray

Pauline Ndigirwa

Nicky Teoh

Claire Brown

Mandy Green

Lucy Newman

Gwyneth Terrell

Susan Brown

Erica Grima

Lilias Nicholls

Claire Theobald

Suzanne Brown

Jill Grimley

Caroline Nicolson

Hannah Thompson

Kirsty Brown 

Jill Guest

Mandy Njie

Neil Thompson

Marion Bruce

Cathy Hagan

Decima O'Connell

Margaret Thomson

Jo Bryson

Linda Hall

Jude Oulare

Beverley  Thorne

Julia Bull

Jennifer Hannam

Ilda Ourique

Cinn Teng To

Beca Burdett

Agnete Klejs Hansen

Teresa Owen

Louise Toombs

Fiona Buttle

Amina Haque

Diane Owens

Gerlind Tredinnick

Alison Campbell

Sarah Hargreaves

Abby Oyenekan

Anna Trim

Danielle Campbell

Lynsey Harley

Dawn Palmer

Kate Trow

Brenda Campbell-Smith

Jacqueline Harries

Mary Palmer

Alison Tyrer

Emma Cane

Carmel Harris

Kelly Parkinson

Terri Unsworth

Lucy Capon

Pauline Harsant

Nafisha Patel

Angela Upjohn

Gemma Rachael Capps

Sian Harvey

James Patrick

Martin Upton

Jenny Carter

Stephanie Hathaway

Ann Payne

Janja Vodusek

Louisa Carter

Liz Hawken-Allison

Sally Peacock

James Wade

Lindy Cartwright

Cath Hayes

Sara Peaford Smith

Melanie Waite

Ruth Chandler

Dawn Hayles

Vicki Pearson

Maxine Waith

Jane Chesson

Dawn  Hayles

Lucy Peat

Julie Walsh

Sarah Clark

Louise Heatley

Keith Perkins

Janine Walters

Tracy Clark

Alastair Henderson

Fiona Petrie

Joyce Warburton

Kathrine Cobham

Heather Henderson

Carly Philpot

Naomi  Webber

Lucy Cochrane

Sam Hennigan

Bethany Pickard

Emma Welling

Anne Cockburn

Julia Hill

Suzanne Pickstone

Annie Welsh

Samantha Coleman-Celis

June Hill

Miranda Pole

Jamie Weston

Lee Collier

Merle Hillhouse

Mandy Popham

Ann Whitehead

Margaret Collingwood

Meriah Hobbs

Kelly Powell

Rachel Whitmarsh

Ellie Collins

Rhoda Honeyman

Katie Price

Monkia Wiezorek

Emma Collins

Jenny Horn

Margaret Purcell

Sarah Wilkins

Margaret Collins

Sophie Howard

Kelly Quinn

Emma Wilkinson

Peggy Collins

Mary Howden

Sandra Quinn

David Willetts

Eileen Colman

Karen Howell

Claire Louise Rainer

Abigail Williams

Wendy Cook

Jo Hurst

Alison Rake

Alison Williams

Elaine Cooper

Heather Hurt

Carol Randall

Dani Winteringham

Deborah Corcoran-Poole

Jen Inglis

Samantha Randall

Sam Wiseman

April Cowan

Nicole Ionescu

Tina Rawlinson

Elisa Witts

Julie Crook

Jo Jackson

Suzanne Reade

Alex Wolsey

Sue D'Alberti

Lisa Jackson

Jan Reeves

Heather Woods

Delyth  Dando

Elaine Jamieson

Amy Reynolds

Lauren Woolley

Janine Darling

Angela Jenkinson

Jazmin Reynolds

Charlotte Wootton

Frances Davies

Sarah Joslin

Shelley Ribbon

Cathy Workman

Rebecca Davies

Steve Judd

Jenny Roberts


Rhian Davies

Ieva Jupe

Debbie Robnson


Elizabeth Davies

Alison Kargbo

Helen Roper


Vikki Denobrega

Janice Kelly

Heather Rose


Rosie Dickens

Rosie Kelly

Sharon Rose


Alison Dixon

Rhian Kemp

Isla Ross


Sarah Doherty

Catharine Kendall

Barbara Rossington


Kelly Down

Teresa Caroline Kennedy

Fay Rowland


Libby Downie

Karen Kerr

Beverley Rudkin


Jacqueline Drew

Jo King

Lily Russell


Nikki Duhig

Lucy King

Helen Rutherford


Chloe Dumor-Sharples

Paula Anne Kirk

Sally Samaroo


Pete Dyer-Davies

Rachel Klein

Kim Sankey


Emma Dyson

Agnete Klejs Hansen

Amanda Sargent