Training for Everyone

All of our Tutors are registered and attend seminars to maintain their skills and keep up to date with developments at Signalong.

Workshops: This training can be tailored to the needs of any organisation and is useful to introduce communication skills to new staff and family members. They are frequently topic based, depending on the needs of the group.

8 Hour Introductory:  This course goes a little deeper and includes Generalisation, Symbolic Understanding and Key-Word activities.

Foundation: The Foundation Course develops skills to a level where practitioners can apply signing in their own environment and includes some elements of communication theory. It is a 15 hour course normally delivered over an extended period, and is the basic building block of Signalong training.

Tutor Training: Signalong Tutor training is delivered by Senior Tutors. The Tutor Training Course is a comprehensive 4/5 day programme for people who have experience of signing in the context of learning difficulties, autism or the particular field in which they need to use augmentative communication. During the course Signalong methodology is explored, elements of language development are discussed and participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of teaching techniques and theory by preparing and delivering several presentations.

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Resource Production

Can’t find a manual to suit your needs? Why not create a bespoke manual for your setting or individual and you can even design your own cover. You can use commissioned manuals for training purposes and posters too.

We have over 60 different posters available but you can still commission your own. The poster includes a title and logo or address of the establishment may be included as long as there is enough space on the poster. Each poster contains up to 12 signs, this is because some signs are 2 or 3 parts.

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A licence gives you the right to print our signs (diagrams and descriptions) without breaching our copyright. You'll be able to print and share signs within your establishment. You may also supply the signs to people who are involved in helping an individual within your establishment and the individual’s family.

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Training For Everyone

Training can be tailored to the needs of any organisation and is useful to introduce communication skills to new staff and family members.

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Tutor Training

Anyone with experience of sign-supported communication in a learning difficulty or autism environment is welcome to become a Signalong Tutor.

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The precise Signalong method of presentation enables users to remind themselves of signs which have been forgotten and to learn new signs from the manuals.

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